Envelope Calligraphy

If you've ever received an envelope with your name and address beautifully written out, you know it makes you feel special and appreciated. We want your guests to feel exactly the same way. We want them to feel honoured at the arrival of your beautiful invitation, and envelope calligraphy does exactly that.

All base prices include the use of black ink, and printed return addresses, and do not include envelopes.

Outer Envelopes

Outer envelopes include names and addresses.

$4.00 each
     + $0.50 for custom/metallic ink

Inner Envelopes

Inner envelopes include only names of guests invited. Envelopes can be addressed this way as an actual "inner envelope" inside the outer envelope, or for any invitations being hand-delivered.

$2.00 each
     + $0.50 for custom/metallic ink

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Banner image by Brittany Mahood.