About Jen

 Photo: Eric Ballard Photography

Photo: Eric Ballard Photography

About Jen, the artist

At the age of 13 I got tired of the blank walls in my room and began my lettering journey by writing out quotes and lyrics all over my bedroom walls (the extent of my teenage rebellion). From there, I continued to believe I wasn't artistic throughout high school because I couldn't draw what they wanted me to draw and I couldn't paint what they wanted me to paint. I knew there was something creative in me, but wasn't sure where it was hiding. 

Fast forward to the age of 18 and my discovery of hand lettering as an art. Much practice and experimentation later, I launched Jennifer Bianca Creative in 2015 with a small online print shop. Even more practice and experimentation later, I re-branded as Jennifer Bianca Calligraphy and changed my focus to providing calligraphy for weddings + events, and offering fine art calligraphy pieces.

 Photo: Esther Funk Photography

About Jen, the person

I grew up loving Jesus in a small town in southern Manitoba, Canada. Much to my surprise, I moved out and away at the age of 18 and then was married by the time I was 19 (to Mitch, a man I'd known since second grade). I clearly couldn't stay away from my lovely little town and we moved back by my 20th birthday. I had short stint in university, attempting to fulfill my dream of becoming a teacher. However, I decided it wasn't for me and started to pursue my own business, and here we are, pursuing a new dream and loving every second of it.

A few more facts: I've had white hair and bright pink hair, but I'm naturally a brunette with dreams of having denim blue hair. My parents both grew up in Mexico, which has fuelled my obsession with Mexican food. I love travelling, and the most exciting places I've been so far are Iceland and the Faroe Islands but I have dreams of making it to Thailand, Greece, and New Zealand in this life. 


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